About Us

Hi, everyone. There's currently, just a me, Brigitte. Though, I do bounce ideas off of my husband & he will benefit from this. We've been together for 20 years & are best friends. We don't have any children of our own, but, I'm a step mom to two adults--42 & 35. We have fostered briefly & hope to again. We have two kitties, Augie (Augustus) a Lynxpoint & Bri (Sabrina) a Tortie. We reside in NorCal.

I'm an avid reader, film buff, enjoy watching sports, keep up with current events, just to name a few interests. I love all animals, but, have a special affinity for kitties. I was born into a family that had cats. That's what I and/or my husband & I myself have mainly had. 

I wasn’t sure what my focus would be (for a shop) & then, it came to me. Pet products & animal themed items. It fits so well. I volunteer with the kitties at the shelter here in Ukiah. I have a blog for lost/found/rescue pets & those needing to be rehomed/fostered/adopted in NorCal. I have a rescue/rehome group on here that incorporates the counties for area code 707. Throughout my life (including with my husband), I’ve done rescuing & adopting. Though, in a much smaller way than I’d like to. I’ve/we’ve also never fostered.

We've been looking to purchase a home for some time. We've been in this studio for three years. Which is, less than ideal, to say the least. Besides getting a place we can truly call a home, we'd also be able to take in more animals. That's a big reason why I started this store. Plus, 10% of all proceeds will go to #MSPR (#MendoShelterPetsRescue). If you don't purchase, at this time, please do share with your contacts. Thanks :)