Rainbow Fish And The Amazing Lagoon
Dorling Kindersley Multimedia (DK)

Rainbow Fish And The Amazing Lagoon

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Format: Jewel Case
Age: 3 - 7
Platform: Windows

Rainbow Fish takes on a new adventure in the amazinglagoon

Product Information

Mystery Fish and his friends live happily in the ocean.  One day, hisfriend Mollo falls ill.  Eleanor the octopus knows of a miracle treatmentthat can cure poor Mollo.  Unfortunately, it can only be found in a lagoonfar, far away in the Southern seas.  Despite the distance, Rainbow Fish,Blue and Sea Filly leave at once and head toward a new adventure filled withdanger.  Children will love the challenge that awaits them.

Fun Activities Included
  • Is a whale heavier than an elephant?  Do catfish have fur?  Help Rainbow Fish find Arara by answering questions that the yes-no fish have for you.
  • Rumble and tumble are at it once again.  Impress Tumble with your skills, and he will help you seal off the cave.
  • Help Rainbow Fish free his friend and battle the Stingo - Chomper duo.

Product Features
  • 2 levels of difficulty
  • Extended game play (3 missions to complete)
  • Learning games seamlessly integrated into the adventure
  • A non-linear adventure
  • A whimsical, poetic world populated by endearing creatures
  • Light-hearted conversations and songs
  • Extremely simple, intuitive interface
  • Mystery, action, and excitement


Windows Requirements
  • Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP
  • Pentium 166 MHz or faster processor
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 640 x 480 SVGA monitor, display thousands of colors
  • 16-bit Sound Blaster compatible Sound Card
  • 8X CD-ROM drive

Macintosh Requirements
  • Mac OS 7.5.3 9.x, including OS X
  • PowerMac 166 MHz or faster
  • 32 MB of RAM
  • 640 x 480 monitor, thousands of colors
  • 8X CD-ROM drive